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50 Insane Facts about Ireland [Infographic]

When we think of Ireland we see it as a land of beautiful countryside, a people with a passion for sport and as the fictitious world inhabited by leprechauns of nursery tales. But a darker side of story books may have its roots in Ireland. Bram Stoker was actually born in Ireland and raised in Dublin, and had never even been to Eastern Europe in his life. One historian believes he used the legend of an Irish wizard and chieftain who was said to be a vampire king as the basis for his story of Dracula. Ireland is also known for its cuisine, its whiskey and of course for Guinness! Surprisingly though it is the fourth largest consumer of beer in the world, Ireland is the biggest tea-drinking nation, with 1,184 cups of tea drunk by the average person every year. For more amazing facts about the Emerald Isle, why not read our infographic!
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