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50 Amazing Facts About Rainforests [Infographic]

Rainforests are some of the most interesting places in the world. Take the example of the tropical forest of Atsinanana, which comprises six national parks and is located on the island of Madagascar. This place is part of the World Heritage List of UNESCO since 2007, because of its importance to the biological and ecological global process and also due to its unique biodiversity. This set of national parks is essential to ensure the preservation of Madagascar’s “health” and the geological past of the island. Although Madagascar is so close to Africa, its flora and fauna evolved differently from the ones in the continent, creating a unique type of biodiversity that must now be carefully studied and preserved. However, Atsinanana is just one of the amazing rainforests that complete our world and you can find out 50 remarkable facts about this forest and others spread through the planet with a little help from our infographic.
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