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Bitcoin ATM in Canada [Infographic]

With five Bitcoin Machines about to arrive in five major Canadian cities, what will change in the cryptocurrency world? Will Bitcoin be able to go mainstream now that there’s a new and easier way to exchange virtual coins for fiat currency and the other way around? Well, that only time will tell. For now, we can just talk about the many possibilities that the Bitcoin ATM created by the Las Vegas-based company Robocoin can bring not only to Canada, but to the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem. However, the five Bitcoin kiosks set to travel to the north will certainly boost some kind of revolution across Canada, in five of its major cities: Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Calgary and Ottawa. The first ATM will arrive in Vancouver, in early October, thanks to the local cryptocurrency store Bitcoiniacs. Are you curious about it? Discover more about this machine with the help of our great infographic!
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