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The Battle of the Butlers [Infographic]

The frightful and hulking Lurch is the eternal butler of the famous and scary Addams Family. And although he isn’t the best looking servant in history, he’s definitely one of the most loyal ever and that is why he gets eight points! “Well, eight points in what?”, you might be asking. And we have the answer: he gets eight points in our Butler Battle cards! Our latest infographic brings you a comparison between the most famous butlers of the world of fiction, even though a couple of them were inspired by real events or historic personalities. From the less “qualified” servants like Edmund Blackadder, Esq. to the obvious top butlers of this chart, like Batman’s Alfred or the White House employee Cecil Gaines, everybody sets a card at this game, where several features are evaluated. It’s the final countdown, at least for these butlers. Let’s see who is the big winner?
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