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Iconic journeys

Iconic Journeys – Why You Should Love Modern Transport

Today's tourist can easily and comfortably see some of the world great countries and sites through the wonders of modern transport. Commercial airlines and modern vehicles make hopping from city to city or even country to country accessible to all. Looking back at the not so distant past however it's easy to see how the time and effort required to make this same journey meant that the world must have seemed like a far larger place.

To celebrate modern transport and how far things have come, we've created an infographic comparing some of the most iconic tourist journeys today to the experience of someone making the same trip in the past. We've looked at today's journey across Route 66, London to New York and island hoping across Japan to compare the time required, and the transport available to give you a flavour of how things really were for travellers in the past.

However you travel, be it first class by air to New York with your DKNY, wearing your Fossil in your camper van cruising down Route 66 or powered by Diesel navigating the Japanese coast, Watches2U have a watch for every journey.

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