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5 facts about locksmiths infographic

Locksmiths – Facts you should know

The use of locks has become increasingly popular. People are locking up almost everything. We have house locks, car locks, safe locks, and just about anything that needs to be safeguarded. Technology has even gone a step further sophistication-wise and incorporated the use of passwords and fingerprint scanners. Now, before we all forget where it all began, let us look at some interesting facts about this trade.

Back in the day, while the rest of the world was busy with other things, Egyptians were hard at work crafting the first ever lock. It comprised of a door fixture, a hefty wooden bolt to lock the entry, and the key. This model served as a blueprint for the creation of locks to this day.

As expected, better and more improved locks would follow as experts honed their skills. It started with the all-metal locks followed by the perfection of the lever tumbler lock in 1778, by an English native called Robert Barron. This was considered as the first rational improvement in lock security.

Fast forward a few centuries later and there are lock and key specialists all over the world. Their great numbers gave birth to the lock picking championship in 2002. Participants, who are mostly lock pundits and enthusiasts assemble and try to outdo each other in manipulating locks without the original key. You will also find manufacturers bringing their new products for testing.

The competition is a great eye opener especially to the rest of the public. On one hand, you realize that not all locks are as safe as manufacturers hail them to be while learning the important role played by professional key cutters.

Lock picking is extremely beneficial. One Harry Houdini can attest to that. Seeing how it has helped him in his magician work. He uses the skill acquired in his early days working with a locksmith to perform tricks of escaping from locked containers.

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