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Infographic 145 7 tips to keep your home safe

7 Tips to Keep your Home Safe from Predator Spiders, Scorpions and Pests

If you have ever had an insect problem in your home, you know it's no fun. And with winter right around the corner, pests will be starting to look for their winter home. There are some things you can do to keep those pesky critters out of your life and home. One thing you can do is to check for standing water outisde, which can be a breeding ground for insects. Also check the yard for old tires, unused flower pots, and empty containers. Make sure any firewood you may have isn't stored directly against any part of your home's foundation. Termites love to hang out in firewood. Also, if you keep your pet's food outside, make sure the dishes aren't sitting around with food in them. Only feed the pets once or twice a day, otherwise local animals will come looking for a late night snack out of your pet's dish.

Source: Pest Control Phoenix

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